Shown are two of Electro-Technology's principle products. These airborne/mobile recorders have application wherever adverse environmental conditions exist or where data acquisition is required by remote operation. The recorder(s) can be configured to record direct, FM or digital data with minimum conversion time. The systems come in 7, 14, or 28 tracks or recording capability. Both type systems lend themselves to various custom modifications such as a built-in reproduce monitor to aid in alignment, multiple pass operation to provide extremely long recording time and state-of-the-art power supplies and recording electronics.

Both of the products are available on a remanufactured basis that makes program add-on less expensive than the purchase of new equipment. Remanufactured equipment has all new bearings, tape guides and head stacks. We boast that when we remanufacture a recorder system, you can't tell it from new. Many of our remanufactured systems are in current operation with companies such as Northrop, Bell Helicopter, U.S. Air Force and others.

Available accessories include: tape head degausser, external reproduce monitors and remote controls.

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