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SAM Daily Search
by Loren Data Corp.

You can use this form to search through the SAM Daily archives on this site. Indexes are normally updated daily.

You can use 'and' and 'or' between your keywords; 'and' applies by default. Some sample search expressions are given below.

Search Form

Search For

Dates: for items

Sample search expressions

The following examples illustrate the kind of expressions that you can use to search the index(es):

  • industry and construction
  • biology and cell or protoplasm
  • renaissance and (dante or cervantes)
  • literature and not shakespeare
  • students and j*

Searching for a specific Date

Use the date format "dd-mmm-yy" including the quotes as one of your search terms:

  • "16-Jan-02" and radar
  • "06-Feb-02" and computer

Searching for a specific type of notice

Include one of the following keywords in your search expression:

  • SRCSGT - Sources Sought
  • PRESOL - Solicitations / Presolicitations
  • MOD - Modifications
  • FILE - Documents
  • AWARD - Awards
  • SNOTE - Special Notices
  • PRESOL and computer
  • AWARD and radar

  1. The search evaluates an expression from left to right.
  2. The expressions in parantheses will be evaluated first.
  3. Wildcards (asterisks) can be used only at the end of a word.

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