Electro-Technology was founded in October 1972 with the intent of providing independent repair service to owners and users of Ampex Instrumentation tape recording systems. Since then, we have increased our capabilities to include parts and service for other major manufacturers of recording systems such as Data Tape and Racal.

During the mid-1970's, we began to supply new replacement parts for on-going maintenance programs. This included more complicated assemblies such as PWA's, capstan assemblies, head assemblies and many others. Our reputation as a viable source for replacement parts grew, and by the 1980's, we were successful in acquiring various contracts for modifications to improve recorder capability. Through these contracts, we designed a complete record/reproduce electronics system. Our entrance into the systems business has been enthusiastically received by the major users of this type of equipment due to our adherence to stringent quality control and extensive testing prior to shipment.

8109 Clemens Ave
West Hills, CA 91304