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58 -- Combined Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN) Antenna and Beacon Contract

Notice Date
5/25/2023 10:38:50 AM
Notice Type
Sources Sought
334511 — Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical, and Nautical System and Instrument Manufacturing
Contracting Office
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
6/24/2023 9:00:00 PM
Point of Contact
John Britt, Procuring Contracting Officer, Kristen Custer, Contract Specialist
E-Mail Address
john.e.britt10.civ@us.navy.mil, kristen.m.custer.civ@us.navy.mil
(john.e.britt10.civ@us.navy.mil, kristen.m.custer.civ@us.navy.mil)
The Naval Air Systems Command Patuxent River (NAVAIRSYSCOM) intends to award a contract for the procurement of FY24-26 Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN) requirements. This procurement will include: �105 AN/URN-32/33 TACAN Transponder Systems; 78 AN/URN-32 Remote Control Status Unit Upgrade Kits;78 OE-4691(V)/URN Antennas, and; 105 Beacon Series 2 Assemblies consisting of High Power Amplifiers (HPA), Low Power Amplifiers (LPA) and Remote Monitor Maintenance Control (RMMC) circuit cards. � The Government does not possess the Level 3 drawing package required to manufacture Transponder Systems and Antennas that work with existing Navy and Coast Guard TACAN systems, interface operationally with existing ship configurations, and support fleet needs.� If you believe you are capable of meeting this capability, demonstrate that your company currently possesses or has authorized access to the necessary technical data, or has a viable plan to obtain, generate, or otherwise secure the necessary technical data, and that it will be maintained throughout the duration of the effort being solicited. You may also highlight unique techniques used by your company to supply these requirements without technical data provided by the Government or Original Equipment Manufacturer.� For the FY24 through FY28 production contract, interested businesses shall demonstrate the capability to support approximately 98 operational ship schedules beginning in September 2026. �You may also submit information that demonstrates how you could potentially meet this requirement for future production contract opportunities. Interested vendors must meet pre-qualification requirements in order to be eligible for consideration. This is NOT a Request for Proposal. Firms that can meet the Navy and Coast Guard requirements beginning in September 2026 are encouraged to identify themselves. This Sources Sought notice does not constitute a commitment from the Government to issue a solicitation, make an award or awards, or be responsible for any monies expended by any interested party in support of the effort described above.� The Government reserves the right to review and use the data submitted at its own discretion.� Upon request, the Government will protect proprietary information from unwanted disclosure.� Any such requests shall be submitted with the statement of capabilities.� Email responses to John Britt at john.e.britt10.civ@us.navy.mil.
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Zip Code: 84119
Country: USA
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