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J -- DLA DS MHE Preventative and Corrective Maintenance - Norfolk

Notice Date
5/25/2023 11:37:50 AM
Notice Type
Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
811310 — Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment (except Automotive and Electronic) Repair and Maintenance
Contracting Office
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
6/6/2023 9:00:00 AM
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Jacob S. Curtiss
E-Mail Address
Small Business Set-Aside
SBA Total Small Business Set-Aside (FAR 19.5)
Amendment 0001� This solicitation is hereby extended until 6JUNE2023 at 12 NOON Eastern Standard Time. No other actions are applicable at this time.� ********************************* This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial services prepared in accordance with the format in Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Subpart 12.6, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; quotes are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued. The solicitation number is SP4510-23-Q-1045 and being issued as a request for quotation (RFQ). This solicitation and incorporated provisions and clauses are in effort through Federal Acquisition Circular 2023-03. See attached Attachment 4 - Performance Work Statement and applicable provisions and clauses. The NAICS code is 811310 with a size standard of $12,500,000 set aside 100% for Small Business and the requirement will result in one (1) 12-month base period of performance plus two (2)12-month option year periods of performance for a Firm Fixed Priced, Time and Material IDIQ contract. The total contract length shall not exceed three (3) years. Background: The primary mission of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Disposition Services is to dispose of Department of Defense (DoD) excess and surplus property generated by the military services. This is accomplished through reutilization to other DoD activities, transfer to other Federal agencies, donation to authorized state and local organizations, sale to the public, or ultimate disposal through abandonment or destruction. DLA Disposition Services Headquarters is located in Battle Creek, Michigan, with a variety of field sites worldwide. DLA Disposition Services is responsible for managing the DoD Surplus Property Program. In order to accomplish this mission, DLA Disposition Services is seeking to have Preventative and Remedial Repair services on Material Handling Equipment (MHE) in accordance with the attached Performance Work Statement at DLA Disposition Services DSD North East � Norfolk. This requirement is a Firm Fixed Priced Time and Material contract. Pricing must be Fixed Price for the entirety of services quoted for scheduled preventive maintenance services. Time and materials will only be used for unscheduled maintenance services. �Site locations are listed in Attachment 2 � Virginia Locations. Offers are due at 12:00 PM Eastern Time (United States), on 26 May, 2023. Email quotes to Jacob.Curtiss@dla.mil. Questions are due 17 May 2023 by 12:00 PM Eastern Time and must be submitted in writing via email to Jacob.Curtiss@dla.mil . Questions will not be answered via telephone. Questions that occur after the cut off, but are considered to be significant to the requirement, may be accepted and discussed only with those vendors that have submitted a quote. INSTRUCTIONS TO OFFERORS: Submit quotes by email to Jacob.Curtiss@dla.mil no later than the specified date and time.� Attention should be noted to FAR 52.212-1(f), concerning late submissions. �The offeror bears the risk of non- receipt of any email transmissions and should ensure that all pages of the quote have been received by the designated office before the deadline indicated.� Email submissions by 5:00 pm Est. one business day prior to the due date and time are encouraged to reduce the possibility of server or other cyber-related delays that may render your response as ineligible for consideration. Offerors shall provide the applicable CAGE code and UEI number with their price submission. The information located in FAR 52.212-3 ALT 1 (Offerors Representations and Certifications) must be current on SAM.gov at the time of quote submission. Site Visits are not being supported for this action in advance of the response deadline. EVALUATION: FAR 52.212-01: Quote SUBMISSION (FORMAT AND CONTENT): The following describes the information that must be furnished as part of the quote and the format which must be presented. Quotes which do not provide the required information in the prescribed format at the time of initial submittal may be excluded from further consideration. Offers are strongly encouraged to read Provision FAR 52.212-1, �INSTRUCTIONS TO OFFERORS � COMMERCIAL ITEMS�. FORMAT: The offeror shall submit documentation (one original electronic form, standard Microsoft based Word and / or Excel, and or .PDF files) in response to this solicitation subject to the requirements in this provision. QUOTE SUBMISSION: The following describes the information which must be furnished as part of the quote and the format in which it must be presented. Quotes which do not provide the required information in the prescribed format shall be excluded from further consideration. Offerors shall return a filled-out Price Scheduled, Attachment 3 Price Schedule � Price Schedule � Virginia Region. A quote received without filling in all parts of the attachment will not be considered for an award. All quotes shall be valid for 90 calendar days. FORMAT: Quotes shall be submitted in distinctly severable parts consisting of the following volumes: Volume 1 and Volume 2. Quote submissions will consist of one original if submitted by facsimile or electronically; an original and two copies if submitted by mail. If multiple electronic files are submitted, each electronic file shall identify it as part of Volume 1 or 2. Any information submitted in an electronic file that does not include volume identification in its name or upon opening, shall not be considered in any evaluation being performed under FAR 52.212-2. VOLUME 1: For Volume 1, Section I, in accordance with FAR 52.212-1(b) Submission of offers, each company providing a quote will submit a signed and dated offer that will consist of FAR 52.212-1(b)(1) thru 52.212-1(b)(11) except FAR 52.212-1(b)(10) Past Performance Information. FAR 52.212-1(b)(10) information shall be in Volume 2. Volume 1,Section II requires each offeror to submit a filled out price schedule (Attachment 3). VOLUME 2: Past Performance Questionnaire. Emailed quotes are to be sent to Jacob.Curtiss@dla.mil � Past Performance Questionnaire: The offeror is required to provide any current relevant information regarding the level of performance, in terms of delivery and quality achieved under either US Government or commercial contracts for the same or similar services within the last five (5) years. The information provided should support a qualitative review of the offeror; and/or; record of performance in the areas of conforming to specifications, adherence to contract schedules, history of reasonable and cooperative behavior, commitment to customer satisfaction, and business-like concern for the interest of your customer. Additionally, if performance deficiencies were identified, what they were and what corrective action was taken. Offerors shall submit past performance data for either the firm; and/or principal subcontractor(s); and/or key employees of the firm. For each reference provided, a valid name and telephone number, contract number, contract type, dollar value, contract award and completion dates, point of contact, description of worked performed, and e-mail address of point of contact is required. The description of work performed shall be in sufficient detail to explain how each reference relates to same or similar requirements of the instant solicitation in areas such as type of equipment maintained, performance timeframes, performance locations, managing a similar size workforce, and complexities of services (to determine the relevancy of the work). If the offeror elects to provide principal subcontractor past performance, the offeror shall provide the principal subcontractors� consent allowing the US Government to disclose negative past performance information to the offeror. Reference projects and corresponding reference questionnaires are limited to three (3) projects considered by the offeror to be the most relevant to the requirements of this solicitation. If more than three projects with reference questionnaires are received, the US Government will consider the first three projects received based upon the date and time the reference questionnaire are received. Attachment 6 contains a past performance questionnaire that is used to evaluate an offeror�s past performance. The offeror shall provide the past performance questionnaire in Attachment 6 to the past performance reference they identify in this part of the quotes for the offeror, principal subcontractors and key personnel. The past performance reference shall independently submit the survey to the Contracting Officer prior to the closing date of the solicitation. Any completed past performance questionnaire received after closing date and time of this combined synopsis/solicitation or directly from the offeror will not be considered in the past performance evaluation. The US Government will not evaluate a reference listed in the past performance Volume 2 if no corresponding past performance questionnaire is received from a reference for that contract. This will have the effect of the offeror being given a Neutral rating for that portion of their overall evaluation, regardless of the type of experience or its similarity to this requirement. Past performance questionnaires must be received by the due date for receipt of quotes in order for the information to be considered. Offerors are cautioned that due to mail delivery times to the U.S., it is highly recommended that all contract references being asked to provide surveys be asked to scan the documents in Adobe .pdf format and email it to jacob.curtiss@dla.mil �with a reference to the solicitation, SP4510-23-Q-1045 in the subject heading. The submission of volume 2 past performance is required. If an offeror does not have any past performance references, offerors must at least identify a Volume 2 in their quote and state they do not have any past performance to provide. If the US Government only receives a past performance questionnaire from a past performance reference and there is no information in an offeror�s quotes regarding that reference (see paragraph above), the reference will not be considered. The offeror is responsible for ensuring references submit past performance questionnaire; the US Government will not be contacting references for purposes of obtaining the questionnaire. ADDENDUM TO 52.212-2 EVALUATION � COMMERCIAL ITEMS Evaluation Factors For Award: Trade-Off Process. Award shall be made to the responsible offeror whose quote conforms to the solicitation and is determined to be the most advantageous to the Government, past performance and price considered. The offer selected as best value will represent the best trade-off to the Government among past performance and price. Past performance will be significantly more important than price. The Government will determine best value on the basis of an assessment of the following factors: 1. Past Performance factor: The Government will evaluate past performance in accordance with the past performance questionnaire and evaluation clause in this combined synopsis/solicitation. 2. Price Factor: The Government will evaluate the offered prices for price reasonableness in accordance with the requirements of FAR 15.404-1 Evaluation of Past Performance: Except under the circumstances notes in this combined synopsis/solicitation paragraph titled Efficiency in Competition, the US Government will evaluate the quality of the offeror�s past performance. The assessment of the offeror�s past performance will be used as a means of evaluating the probability of success of the offeror. Thus, an offeror with a higher confidence assessment rating for past performance will have a higher probability of meeting the solicitation requirements than a firm with a lower confidence assessment rating. In investigating an offeror�s past performance, the US Government may consider information in the offeror�s quotes and information obtained from other sources, including past and present customers and their employees, other US Government agencies, including state and local agencies, consumer protection organizations and better business bureaus; former subcontractors; and others who may have useful information. Failure by the offeror to provide evidence of relevant performance on contracts of a similar nature in terms of performance timeframes and complexities of services provided will be considered by the US Government to have no relevant past performance. The offeror is responsible for ensuring references submit past performance surveys; the offeror�s reference must submit the past performance survey. The US Government will not accept past performance surveys submitted by the offeror or contact offeror references to obtain a completed survey. The US Government will evaluate past performance and experience in accordance with submission requirements of the solicitation. Evaluation of past performance will be a subjective assessment based on a consideration of all relevant facts and circumstances. It will not be based on absolute standards of acceptable performance. The US Government is seeking to determine whether the offeror has consistently demonstrated a commitment to customer satisfaction and timely delivery of services. This is a matter of judgment. Offerors will be given an opportunity to address especially unfavorable reports of past performance, and the offeror�s response, or lack thereof, will be taken into consideration. Offerors lacking relevant past performance will not receive negative or positive consideration in the evaluation of this element as no meaningful confidence assessment rating can be reasonably assigned. Past performance will be rated on an adjectival scale. The US Government�s conclusions about the overall quality of the offeror�s past performance and experience will be a factor in determining the relative merits of the offeror�s quotes and in selecting the offeror whose quote is considered the most advantageous to the US Government. By past performance, the US Government means how well the offeror conformed to specifications and to standards of good workmanship; the offeror�s adherence to contract schedules, including the administrative aspects of performance; the offeror�s history of reasonable and cooperative behavior and commitment to customer satisfaction; and the offeror�s business-like concern for the interests of the customer. By experience, the US Government means whether a contractors firm, principal subcontractor, or key personnel has performed similar work before. DLA Disposition Services will also consider the offeror�s past performance and experience on the same or similar contracts in terms of complexities of the services provided. Offerors with no past performance will be issued a Neutral rating for past performance. Evaluation of Price: The offered price will be used in conjunction with the other factors to determine the quote, which represents the best value to the US Government. Price will not be numerically scored, but it will be fully evaluated using price analysis techniques. Evaluation of Subcontracting Plans (1) The evaluation of Small Business Subcontracting Plans, as required by FAR 52.219?9 and DFARS 252.219?7003 applies to all offerors except small businesses. This means that it will apply to Tier 3 offerors only. (2) The Small Business Subcontracting Plan will be evaluated to determine if it meets the requirements of FAR 52.219?9 and DFARS 252.219?7003. If the apparently successful offeror fails to negotiate a subcontracting plan acceptable to the contracting officer within the time limit prescribed by the contracting officer, the offeror will be ineligible for award. The evaluation of the Small Business Subcontracting Plan will be on the basis of total contract value (base and all options). Efficiency Competition: Offerors are advised that the US Government may not evaluate the past performance quote of all offerors under this RFP. The US Government will review the total evaluated price of all quotes received in accordance with tiered evaluations as described in the �TIERED EVALUATIONS INCLUDING LARGE BUSINESS CONCERNS� paragraph. The past performance quotes of those offerors whose pricing is determined by the Contracting Officer to be most competitive may be reviewed prior to, or instead of, other past performance quote received. Based on the initial review of these past performance quote, the US Government may not evaluate the past performance quote of other offerors, whose total evaluated pricing was higher than that of one already evaluated and already assigned the highest possible past performance rating. This would occur when the Contracting Officer determines that any possible past performance superiority of an unevaluated (and higher priced) past performance quote, over (a lower priced) one that was already evaluated and assigned the highest possible past performance rating, would not warrant any additional price premium. This means that Tier 2 and Tier 3 quotes will not be evaluated or the efficiency in competition clause will not be applicable to their offer until the Tier 1 quotes are evaluated first. After review of Tier 1 quotes under the efficiency in competition and evaluation, if award can be made at a fair and reasonable price that offers best valued to the United States, no additional tiers will be reviewed. If no offers are submitted at Tier 1 or if none of the Tier 1 quotes would result in award at a fair and reasonable price that offers best value to the United States, the Government will evaluate Tier 2 quotes for award. At this time, Tier 2 quotes will be reviewed under the efficiency in competition and evaluation, if award can be made at a fair and reasonable price that offers best valued to the United States, no additional tiers will be reviewed. If no offers are submitted at Tier 2 or if none of the Tier 2 quotes would result in award at a fair and reasonable price that offers best value to the United States, the Government will evaluate Tier 3 quotes for award. At this time, Tier 3 quotes will be reviewed under the efficiency in competition and evaluation. Minimum/maximum for the base period is $2,500.00 and a maximum value of 125% above the total estimated value for the period.� No minimum is guaranteed for the option periods. The following provisions and clauses are applicable to this solicitation: The provisions at 52.212-1, Instructions to Offerors - Commercial, applies to this acquisition. See attached applicable clauses for quote instructions. Offers should include a complete copy of the provision at 52.212-3 ALT 1, Offeror Representations and Certifications -- Commercial Items, with its offer. See applicable clauses. The clause 52.212-4 Contract Terms and Conditions�Commercial Products and Commercial Services. The clause 52.212-4 Alt 1, Contract Terms and Conditions - Commercial Items, applies to this acquisition. Alternate�I�(Nov 2021). When a time-and-materials or labor-hour contract is contemplated, substitute the following paragraphs (a), (e), (i), (l), and (m) for those in the basic clause. (a)�Inspection/Acceptance.�(1) The Government has the right to inspect and test all materials furnished and services performed under this contract, to the extent practicable at all places and times, including the period of performance, and in any event before acceptance. The Government�may�also inspect the plant or plants of the Contractor or any subcontractor engaged in contract performance. The Government will perform�inspections�and tests in a manner that will not unduly delay the work. (2) If the Government performs�inspection�or tests on the premises of the Contractor or a subcontractor, the Contractor�shall�furnish and�shall�require subcontractors to furnish all reasonable facilities and assistance for the safe and convenient performance of these duties. (3) Unless otherwise specified in the contract, the Government will accept or reject services and materials at the place of delivery as promptly as practicable after delivery, and they will be presumed accepted 60 days after the date of delivery, unless accepted earlier. (4) At any time during contract performance, but not later than 6 months (or such other time as�may�be specified in the contract) after acceptance of the services or materials last delivered under this contract, the Government�may�require the Contractor to replace or correct services or materials that at time of delivery failed to meet contract requirements. Except as otherwise specified in paragraph (a)(6) of this clause, the cost of replacement or correction�shall�be determined under paragraph (i) of this clause, but the ""hourly rate"" for labor hours incurred in the replacement or correction�shall�be reduced to exclude that portion of the rate attributable to profit. Unless otherwise specified below, the portion of the ""hourly rate"" attributable to profit�shall�be 10 percent. The Contractor�shall�not tender for acceptance materials and services required to be replaced or corrected without disclosing the former requirement for replacement or correction, and, when required,�shall�disclose the corrective action taken. [Insert portion of labor rate attributable to profit.] (5)(i) If the Contractor fails to proceed with reasonable promptness to perform required replacement or correction, and if the replacement or correction can be performed within the ceiling price (or the ceiling price as increased by the Government), the Government�may- (A) By contract or otherwise, perform the replacement or correction, charge to the Contractor any increased cost, or deduct such increased cost from any amounts paid or due under this contract; or (B) Terminate this contract for cause. (ii) Failure to agree to the amount of increased cost to be charged to the Contractor�shall�be a dispute under the Disputes clause of the contract. (6) Notwithstanding paragraphs (a)(4) and (5) above, the Government�may�at any time require the Contractor to remedy by correction or replacement, without cost to the Government, any failure by the Contractor to comply with the requirements of this contract, if the failure is due to- (i) Fraud, lack of good faith, or willful misconduct on the part of the Contractor's managerial personnel; or (ii) The conduct of one or more of the Contractor�s employees selected or retained by the Contractor after any of the Contractor�s managerial personnel has reasonable grounds to believe that the employee is habitually careless or unqualified. (7) This clause applies in the same manner and to the same extent to corrected or replacement materials or services as to materials and services originally delivered under this contract. (8) The Contractor has no obligation or liability under this contract to correct or replace materials and services that at time of delivery do not meet contract requirements, except as provided in this clause or as�may�be otherwise specified in the contract. (9) Unless otherwise specified in the contract, the Contractor's obligation to correct or replace Government-furnished property�shall�be governed by the clause pertaining to Government property. (e)�Definitions.�(1) The clause at FAR�52.202-1, Definitions, is incorporated herein by reference. As used in this clause- (i) ""Direct materials"" means those materials that enter directly into the�end product, or that are used or consumed directly in connection with the furnishing of the�end product�or service. (ii) ""Hourly rate"" means the rate(s) prescribed in the contract for payment for labor that meets the labor category qualifications of a labor category specified in the contract that are- (A) Performed by the contractor; (B) Performed by the subcontractors; or (C) Transferred between divisions, subsidiaries, or�affiliates�of the contractor under a common control. (iii) ""Materials"" means- (A) Direct materials, including�supplies�transferred between divisions, subsidiaries, or�affiliates�of the contractor under a common control; (B) Subcontracts for�supplies�and incidental services for which there is not a labor category specified in the contract; (C) Other�direct costs�(e.g., incidental services for which there is not a labor category specified in the contract, travel, computer usage charges, etc.); (D) The following subcontracts for services which are specifically excluded from the hourly rate: [Insert any subcontracts for services to be excluded from the hourly rates prescribed in the schedule.]; and (E)�Indirect costs�specifically provided for in this clause. (iv) ""Subcontract"" means any contract, as defined in FAR�subpart� 2.1, entered into with a subcontractor to furnish�supplies�or services for performance of the prime contract or a subcontract including transfers between divisions, subsidiaries, or�affiliates�of a contractor or subcontractor. It includes, but is not limited to,�purchase orders, and changes and modifications to�purchase orders. (i)�Payments.�(1)�Work performed.�The Government will pay the Contractor as follows upon the submission of commercial�invoices�approved by the�Contracting Officer: (i)�Hourly rate. (A) The amounts�shall�be computed by multiplying the appropriate hourly rates prescribed in the contract by the number of direct labor hours performed. Fractional parts of an hour�shall�be payable on a prorated basis. (B) The rates�shall�be paid for all labor performed on the contract that meets the labor qualifications specified in the contract. Labor hours incurred to perform tasks for which labor qualifications were specified in the contract will not be paid to the extent the work is performed by individuals that do not meet the qualifications specified in the contract, unless specifically authorized by the�Contracting Officer. (C)�Invoices�may�be submitted once each month (or at more frequent intervals, if approved by the�Contracting Officer) to the�Contracting Officer�or the authorized representative. (D) When requested by the�Contracting Officer�or the authorized representative, the Contractor�shall�substantiate�invoices�(including any subcontractor hours reimbursed at the hourly rate in the schedule) by evidence of actual payment, individual daily job timecards, records that verify the employees meet the qualifications for the labor categories specified in the contract, or other substantiation specified in the contract. (E) Unless the Schedule prescribes otherwise, the hourly rates in the Schedule�shall�not be varied by virtue of the Contractor having performed work on an�overtime�basis. (1)�If no�overtime�rates are provided in the Schedule and the�Contracting Officer�approves�overtime�work in advance,�overtime�rates�shall�be negotiated. (2) Failure to agree upon these�overtime�rates�shall�be treated as a dispute under the Disputes clause of this contract. (3) If the Schedule provides rates for�overtime, the premium portion of those rates will be reimbursable only to the extent the�overtime�is approved by the�Contracting Officer. (ii)�Materials. (A) If the Contractor furnishes materials that meet the definition of a�commercial product�at FAR�2.101, the price to be paid for such materials�shall�not exceed the Contractor�s established catalog or market price, adjusted to reflect the- (1) Quantities being acquired; and (2) Any modifications necessary because of contract requirements. (B) Except as provided for in paragraph (i)(1)(ii)(A) and (D)(2) of this clause, the Government will reimburse the Contractor the actual cost of materials (less any rebates, refunds, or discounts received by the contractor that are identifiable to the contract) provided the Contractor- (1) Has made payments for materials in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement or�invoice; or (2) Makes these payments within 30 days of the submission of the Contractor�s payment request to the Government and such payment is in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement or�invoice. (C) To the extent able, the Contractor�shall- (1) Obtain materials at the most advantageous prices available with due regard to securing prompt delivery of satisfactory materials; and (2) Give credit to the Government for cash and trade discounts, rebates,�scrap, commissions, and other amounts that are identifiable to the contract. (D)�Other Costs. Unless listed below, other direct and�indirect costs�will not be reimbursed. (1)�Other�Direct Costs. The Government will reimburse the Contractor on the basis of actual cost for the following, provided such costs comply with the requirements in paragraph (i)(1)(ii)(B) of this clause:[Insert each element of other�direct costs�(e.g., travel, computer usage charges, etc. Insert ""None"" if no reimbursement for other�direct costs�will be provided. If this is an indefinite delivery contract, the�Contracting Officer�may�insert ""Each order�must�list separately the elements of other direct charge(s) for that order or, if no reimbursement for other�direct costs�will be provided, insert �None�.""] (2)�Indirect Costs�(Material Handling, Subcontract Administration, etc.). The Government will reimburse the Contractor for�indirect costs�on a pro-rata basis over the period of contract performance at the following fixed price:[Insert a fixed amount for the�indirect costs�and payment schedule. Insert ""$0"" if no fixed price reimbursement for�indirect costs�will be provided. (If this is an indefinite delivery contract, the�Contracting Officer�may�insert ""Each order�must�list separately the fixed amount for the�indirect costs�and payment schedule or, if no reimbursement for�indirect costs, insert �None�).""] (2)�Total cost. It is estimated that the total cost to the Government for the performance of this contract�shall�not exceed the ceiling price set forth in the Schedule and the Contractor agrees to use its best efforts to perform the work specified in the Schedule and all obligations under this contract within such ceiling price. If at any time the Contractor has reason to believe that the hourly rate payments and material costs that will accrue in performing this contract in the next succeeding 30 days, if added to all other payments and costs previously accrued, will exceed 85 percent of the ceiling price in the Schedule, the Contractor�shall�notify the�Contracting Officer�giving a revised estimate of the total price to the Government for performing this contract with supporting reasons and documentation. If at any time during the performance of this contract, the Contractor has reason to believe that the total price to the Government for performing this contract will be substantially greater or less than the then stated ceiling price, the Contractor�shall�so notify the�Contracting Officer, giving a revised estimate of the total price for performing this contract, with supporting reasons and documentation. If at any time during performance of this contract, the Government has reason to believe that the work to be required in performing this contract will be substantially greater or less than the stated ceiling price, the�Contracting Officer�will so advise the Contractor, giving the then revised estimate of the total amount of effort to be required under the contract. (3)�Ceiling price. The Government will not be obligated to pay the Contractor any amount in excess of the ceiling price in the Schedule, and the Contractor�shall�not be obligated to continue performance if to do so would exceed the ceiling price set forth in the Schedule, unless and until the�Contracting Officer�notifies the Contractor�in writing�that the ceiling price has been increased and specifies in the notice a revised ceiling that�shall�constitute the ceiling price for performance under this contract. When and to the extent that the ceiling price set forth in the Schedule has been increased, any hours expended and material costs incurre...
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