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A -- White Paper to Support ISS Research and Development for Semiconductor Activities

Notice Date
5/25/2023 8:37:34 AM
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Special Notice
541611 — Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
Contracting Office
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5/30/2023 11:00:00 AM
Statement of Work White Paper to Support the International Space Station Research and Development for Semiconductor Activities Background/Objectives Nexight Group will provide the following support for a White Paper summarizing the Stanford University Semiconductors Manufacturing in Space Workshop on March 27?28, 2023, (https://semispace.sites.stanford.edu/). Nexight Group hosted the Workshop which brought together stakeholders from the semiconductor industry, commercial space station entities, U.S. government agencies, and academic communities to roadmap semiconductor manufacturing in low?Earth orbit (LEO) for the new space economy. The notes, data, and presentations from the workshop will build the foundation for a whitepaper that can inform the future research agenda and facilities envisioned for space?based manufacturing of semiconductors and test facilities necessary to do so effectively. Tasks Task 1: Initial White Paper Draft � Develop scope and organizational structure. Design an outline that details proposed chapters and content based on the insights and guidance from the workshop and previous meetings with the Stanford team. � Meet with Stanford team to review the body of information gathered and discuss the approach for developing the draft white paper, including content, tone, and format. It is important to ensure all stakeholders are on the same page so that the first draft will meet expectations. � Develop white paper content. Applying the guidance on format and tone from the meeting with Stanford, follow the outline agreed upon craft the introduction, chapters, and appendices. Draft the content so it�s easy to understand for technical and non? technical audiences. Provide content to Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) for review. � Create infographics. Develop high?impact graphics that convey complex ideas, focus key messages, and improve the readability of the white paper. An initial draft of the graphics will facilitate review of key concepts and allow the review team to provide feedback on where additional graphics could improve readability. � Provide first draft of white paper. Provide the first draft of the white paper to Stanford and MSFC to gather initial comments and edits. Adjudicate and incorporate these initial comments prior to sending out for specific stakeholder review. Task 2: External Stakeholder Review and Additional Drafts � Determine key stakeholders for review. Meet with Stanford to review the updated draft of the white paper and determine which sections, if any, need to be sent to specific stakeholders for review, and who those stakeholders should be (up to 10). � Facilitate individual section review with key stakeholders. Send out each section to a specified stakeholder for review. Incorporate all edits, comments, and feedback into a second draft. � Provide second draft of white paper. Capture the edits and feedback provided into a comment matrix to help track edits and how they were addressed in the second draft. If needed, work with Stanford and key stakeholders to adjudicate any conflicting edits or feedback. As the feedback is incorporated into the second draft of the white paper, ensure no errors are introduced and the document retains a single voice. Repeat the process for revisions and comments on the final draft to ensure Feedback is tracked, how it is addressed, and ensure the result is a high?quality product. Task 3: Final Draft and Publication � Incorporate edits, comments, and feedback from Stanford into final draft. This final draft will then be sent to pre?determined stakeholders for final review. Any proposed changes will be adjudicated with Stanford. Any identified changes will follow the same process outlined in Task 2. � Finalize the white paper. A final review for quality and consistency with Stanford guidance will be conducted. The final white paper will be free from error and formatted to support Stanford�s final copy edit and layout. Any source files or high?resolution graphics used in the documents will be provided. The full, final product will be version ready for publication. Deliverables and Schedule The following schedule is proposed for the completion of the deliverables and assumes a June 2023 project start date. Proposed white paper outline June 1, 2023 Final white paper outline June 7, 2023 Initial white paper draft June 15, 2023 Stakeholder review draft June 21, 2023 Second white paper draft June 30, 2023 Final white paper draft July 7, 2023 White paper publication draft July 15, 2023 �
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