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Y -- 867CM3001: Construction, Gravesite Expansion - New Albany NC (VA-23-00070571)

Notice Date
5/25/2023 5:54:30 AM
Notice Type
237990 — Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction
Contracting Office
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
6/26/2023 11:00:00 AM
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Claude Humphrey, Contracting Officer
E-Mail Address
A.5 STATEMENT OF WORK Contractor shall provide all Management, Supervision, Labor, Equipment, Materials, Parts, Tools, etc., required and necessary to completely prepare the site for building operations, including demolition and removal of existing structures, and perform and complete all work for Gravesite Expansion at Fort McPherson National Cemetery, Maxwell, Nebraska, as required by the attached and associated drawings and specification. Note: Site investigation to verify and assessment, measurement/dimension, and conditions are to be performed by the Contractor before the ordering of materials and the start of the work. The Contractor must acquire the COR s approval once materials has been approved to start the installation work. All work must be done strictly according to the manufacturer's requirements and installation guidelines and in accordance with the attached Drawings and Specifications: Upon completion of each of the work the Contractor s On-site Superintendent, along with the COR, shall inspect the completed work for satisfactory acceptability prior to Contractor de-mobilizing from the site. Work shall be performed in a professional workmanship like manner. All adjacent disturbed surfaces shall be repaired to the same quality standards of the existing work and shall also match the adjacent areas. Contractor shall Guarantee that all work done under this contract shall be free from defaults and no faulty materials or workmanship with no less than a One (1) Year Warranty . Contractor hereby agrees to repair or replace deficiencies within the specified time frame by the direction of the Contracting Officer at Contractor's own expense and shall be corrected to the satisfaction of the Government. INSPECTION OF PREMISES Contractor should survey / inspect the site prior to submitting a bid/proposal/quote in order to be fully aware of the scope of services required and to adequately gather existing unit s product information, model numbers and all necessary and matching standards and requirements. Failure to do so shall not relieve the successful offeror from performing in accordance with the strict intent and meaning of the specifications without additional cost to the Government. Contractor shall perform a Site Investigation to verify all dimensions/measurements and site conditions before start of the work and the ordering of any equipment, parts and or materials. All work shall be performed in a professional workmanship like manner, adhere to NCA standards, be done in strict accordance with the requirements set forth herein, manufacturer s requirements, installation guidelines; and be in accordance with applicable Federal, State and Local codes and regulations; inclusive of applicable OSHA Construction Safety Guidelines. All electrical work shall be in accordance with the latest edition of the National Electrical Code (NEC) and local building codes. Failure to do so shall not relieve the Contractor from performing in accordance with the strict intent and meaning of the specifications without additional cost to the Government. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE The Contractor shall complete all work including submittals, reviews, quality control, construction services, punch list corrections, clean up, invoicing and closeouts documentation submittal within three hundred sixty-five (365) calendar days from issuance of the Government s Notice Award Notification letter. The Contractor shall develop and provide the Contracting Officer with a Project Schedule and Cost Schedule within ten (10) calendar days of Government issuance of the Notice to Proceed. WORK HOURS Normal construction services work hours for this project shall be 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding Saturday, Sunday and Federal Holidays. Contractor work hours may be modified only by written approval of the Contracting Officer, at no additional cost to the Government. The Contractor may request authorization in advance from the Contracting Officer to work outside of normal service hours at no additional cost to the Government. Written Authorization must be pre-approved in advance and prior to working and is at the sole discretion of the Contracting Officer. Contractor, Contractor s employees and sub-contractors must check-in with the COR, daily, upon arrival at the Fort McPherson National Cemetery prior to beginning any work and prior to departing the facility/property after the day s work is completed. HOLIDAYS The following federal holidays are observed: New Year's Day - January 1 Inauguration Day (DC Metropolitan Area Only) - January 20 every 4 years Martin Luther King's Birthday - 3rd Monday in January President's Day - 3rd Monday in February Memorial Day - Last Monday in May Juneteenth- June 19 Independence Day - July 4 Labor Day - 1st Monday in September Columbus Day - 2nd Monday in October Veterans Day - November 11 Thanksgiving Day - 4th Thursday in November Christmas Day - December 25 And any other holiday proclaimed by the President as a Federal Holiday. When a holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday will be observed as a legal holiday. When a holiday falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday shall be observed as a holiday. CONTRACTOR QUALITY CONTROL The Contractor s Site Superintendent will: be on site, at all times, whenever work is being performed by Contractor or subcontractors employees, to ensure adequately supervision and communication; review and approve submittals; inspect the quality of work performed; and certify the completed work for payment and other purposes. Note that there may be infrequent stoppages in work at the order of the Contracting Officers Representative (COR) due to burial services being conducted in the area. Contractor will meet with COR at the start of each workday to ensure that no construction activities will interfere with burials on that specific day. CONTRACTOR'S RESPONSIBILITIES The Contractor will be responsible for ensuring that all work is done in a manner that safeguards NCA visitors, employees, and the public. Contractor shall obtain all necessary licenses and/or permits required to perform this work. Contractor shall take all precautions necessary to protect persons and property from injury or damage during the performance of this contract. Contractor shall be responsible for any injury to himself/herself, his/her employees, or others, as well as for any damage to personal or public property that occurs during the performance of this contract that is caused by him/her or his/her employees' fault or negligence. Contractor shall maintain personal liability and property damage insurance prescribed by the laws of the State of Nebraska. NATIONAL CEMETERY ADMINISTRATION DIGNITY STANDARDS Every action by contractor personnel at a National Cemetery must be performed with the special care, reverence, dignity, and respect that acknowledge the cemetery as the final resting place that commemorates the service and sacrifice those service members, Veterans, and their families made for our Nation. Critically important is the awareness, required of the contractor employees, of the remains buried in the grounds where the work is performed. The utmost care must be given to these remains and the headstones and flat grave markers that mark those gravesites and memorialize the service of individuals. Contractors cannot walk, stand, lean, sit or jump on headstones or markers. Nor can they drive over them. Contractor personnel should use tools approved by the Contracting Officer Representative (COR), such as shovels, pry bars or pinch bars to lift flat markers out of the ground; pickaxes are not an acceptable tool. No tools, equipment or other items will be placed or leaned on headstones or markers. Once headstones/markers are removed from the socket, do not place on dirt piles or mud; they should be carefully placed on each associated gravesite and protected in such a way as to prevent any soiling and be out of the way of any other work. Headstones shall be removed from their sockets using wooden and/or metal clamps. If metal clamps are used, the area that contacts the headstone must be protected with a rigid fabric that will prevent damage to and marking of the headstone. Clamps may be attached to a skid steer loader (i.e., Bobcat®) or similar machine to extract the headstone from the socket. When headstones are removed from their sockets, they shall be carefully stored on each associated gravesite; do not lean headstones against each other. Use care not to scratch or damage headstones in any manner. The headstones shall be laid with front inscription side up while the headstone is lying horizontally on the ground. The headstone shall be protected from direct ground contact while lying horizontally. The protection method shall be as approved by the COR and shall be free of deterioration in weather. An approved method is to support each headstone with two wood 4X4 s. Alternate methods can be approved. Cardboard shall not be used. Wood or other suitable appropriate and attractive material shall be used to keep the headstones from contact with the soil while lying horizontally during the construction period. This also shows respect towards the families visiting the gravesites and the remains that are buried. Contractor shall be responsible for replacing damaged headstones and markers and for restoring turf damaged during performance of this work. Additionally, should any activity result in the exposure and/or damage to any remains, container for remains (i.e., casket or urn), or outer burial container, the Contractor must contact the COR, Director/Assistant Director, and Contracting Officer (CO) for guidance. Any doubts as to proper procedures shall be brought to the attention of the COR, Director/Assistant Director, and CO for guidance or resolution. The Contractor is required to discuss the guidance with their employees and have each employee sign a statement of compliance and deliver the signed statement to the COR before work may begin. STANDARDS OF EMPLOYEE CONDUCT The National Cemetery Administration (NCA) are national shrines that honors Veterans with a final resting place and lasting memorials that commemorate their service to our Nation. The standards of work, appearance, and procedures performed by Contractors at National Cemeteries shall reflect this nation s concern for those interred there. Due to the sensitive mission of the cemetery, Contractor s personnel must exercise and exhibit absolute decorum, composure, and stability at all times. As the work being performed is at a National Cemetery all Contractor s employee must always look professional and neat in appearance; and be fully clothed to include upper garment to cover the body from the waist to neck and long pants or slacks. The Contractor shall require its employees, including subcontractors, to wear distinctive visible identification at all times for easy identification while on NCA premises. Contractor and Contractor s personnel (including subcontractor and their employees) shall be required to adhere to the standards of dress and conduct while performing work on the National Cemetery. These standards and regulations are enforceable under Title 38, U.S.C. Section 218. Contractor s personnel shall: be fully clothed at all times, to include long slacks or pants and shirt, buttoned up from neck to waist. Clothing will be clean each day. Any soiled clothing should be Cemetery work-related that day. Tank tops as outer garments are prohibited. Tee-shirts will have the company logo visibly displayed. Shoes/boots will have no holes or loose soles. Steel-toed shoes shall be required in accordance with OSHA. Contractor employees shall maintain personal hygiene. not engage in loud or boisterous behavior or use profane or abusive language. Shall show proper reverence during committal service. not eat or drink beverages except water or non-alcoholic drinks while in work area or in sight of committal service area during a service. Use of intoxicating beverages and/or drugs is strictly prohibited. not lean, sit or stand on or against headstones, markers, or monuments. No tools, equipment or other items will be placed or leaned on headstones or monuments at any time. Contractor personnel shall not drive over headstones, markers, or monuments. only smoke in smoking areas, as designated by the COR. All other areas are designated as NO SMOKING. Contractor shall discuss the guidance in this paragraph with its employees and all subcontractors. Any doubts as to proper procedures shall be brought to the attention of the COR and Contracting Officer for guidance or resolution. Contractor and subcontractor employee shall sign a Statement of Compliance (if applicable); and shall deliver the signed statements to the COR before work may begin or before any new employee is allowed to work on Cemetery grounds. Contractor shall be responsible for maintaining satisfactory standards of personnel conduct and work performance and shall administer disciplinary action as required. Contractor is expected to remove any employees from the Cemetery for cause, to include, but not limited to, safety violations, other misconduct in performance of duty under these specifications and/or conduct contrary to the best interests of the Government. If the Contractor fails to act in this regard, or the reason for a removal is immediately required to protect the interests of the Government, the COR may direct the removal of an employee from the premises. Contractor s objections to any such action will be referred to the Contacting Officer for final resolution; however, the Contractor will first immediately comply with the COR s direction pending the Contacting Officer final resolution at a later time or date. The Contractor will not be due any type of compensation for their costs incurred as a result of an employee being removed for cause; unless the removal is directed by the COR and is later found invalid and/or unreasonable by the Contracting Officer. USE OF CEMETERY FACILITIES The Government will not be responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of Contractor items, nor will free telephone service be provided. Contractor shall be responsible for acceptable standards of housekeeping and custodial maintenance of both National Cemetery Administration facilities and Contractor-installed facilities used by the Contractor's employees. The Government will NOT furnish a storage building or area at the Cemetery site for use by the Contractor to store supplies and equipment. Contractor shall be responsible and required to provide and remove the material, equipment, tools and supplies to perform operations daily. The Government will NOT furnish a rest room facility to include temporary port-o-pots and will not be allowed on the grounds. Any hazardous substance that is used and which is a standard practice within the cemetery industry must be handled, stored, and transferred in accordance with all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Environment Protection Agency (EPA), and Department of Transportation (DOT) laws, regulations, and recommendations. The Contractor will be responsible for safely storing any chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, cleaning solutions, etc. in accordance with manufacturers recommendations. SDS (Safety Data Sheet) is required for any/all chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and cleaning solutions. Electricity, water and phone services will NOT be furnished by the Government for the Contractor s. CONSTRUCTION DURING CEMETERY FUNCTIONS The burial activities at a National Cemetery will take precedence over other contract activities. Contractor shall cooperate and coordinate with the COR or authorized designee, in arranging schedule to cause the least possible interference with cemetery activities in actual burial areas. The COR or a representative shall furnish the Contractor with a schedule of all interments and/or ceremonies no later than the close of business of the day prior to the scheduled event. Work noise during the interment services shall not disturb the service. Trucks and workmen shall not pass through the service area during this period. Contractor personnel shall not operate motorized equipment or conduct other commercial activities during interment services. Execute work in such a manner as to interfere as little as possible with work being done by others. To minimize contract activity interference with flow of cemetery traffic, keep roads, walks and entrances to grounds, parking and occupied areas of buildings clear of materials, debris and standing equipment/vehicles at all times. At least one (1) lane must be open to traffic at all times. Due to the sensitive mission of the Cemetery, the work could occasionally involve contact with and/or exposure to grieving individuals. Contractor personnel shall exercise and exhibit absolute decorum, composure and stability at all times and refer such individuals to Cemetery staff. HISTORIC PRESERVATION When the Contractor or any of the Contractor's employees, prior to, or during the service work, are advised of or discover any possible archeological, historical and/or cultural resources, the Contractor shall immediately notify the COR verbally, and then with a written follow up. AUTHORITIES OF GOVERNMENT PERSONNEL Notwithstanding the Contractor s responsibility for total management during the performance of this contract, the administration of the contract will require maximum coordination between the Government and the Contractor. The Government will provide, at the time of contract award, a list of Government personnel authorized to act as CORs. EXPOSURE OR ACCIDENTAL DISCOVERY OF REMAINS Should any on-site activity, incident, emergency, or disaster result in exposure and/or damage to any remains, container for remains (i.e., casket or urn), or outer burial container, the Contractor shall IMMEDIATELY notify the Cemetery Director, the COR and/or the CO; take immediate steps to protect and render safe any exposed remains; and stop any further work that could affect those remains or grave site until the Cemetery Director provides the Contractor guidance regarding disposition of the remains and permission to proceed. GENERAL Contractor shall NOT mobilize on site until all Kick-Off meeting, Documentation and Submittals have been submitted, reviewed and accepted by the NCA. The COR shall provide written notification approval to mobilize. WORK ENVIRONMENT AND WEATHER CONDITIONS All work under this service Contract will be performed outdoors and personnel performing these services will be exposed to wind, heat, sun, cold, dampness, frost, fog, and rain. These conditions, may, at times, be extreme. The Contractor shall take all necessary precautions to protect his/her employees from the elements to the maximum practicable extent. Weather will not be considered an excusable delay in meeting specifications or project schedule. The Contractor understands that it may be necessary to work throughout all weather conditions and to apply additional labor and equipment as necessary to meet deadlines, at no additional cost to the Government. If weather conditions are such that the work performed may cause more damage to the Cemetery grounds than good, the COR has the authority to stop work until conditions improve and the COR directs continuation of performance. If adverse weather conditions are the basis for a Claim for additional time, such Claim shall be documented by data substantiating that weather conditions were abnormal for the period of time, could not have been reasonably anticipated and had an adverse effect on the scheduled construction. OPERATIONS It is understood the Government will not be held responsible for any damage to or loss of the Contractor s equipment, materials, supplies or the like which may result from vandalism, theft etc. while on site. The Contractor shall be responsible for maintaining fire extinguishers and other safety equipment. The Contractor shall hold and save the Government, its officers and agents, free and harmless from liability of any nature occasioned by the Contractor's performance. All utilities to this area are the responsibility of the Contractor. Electrical power is to be supplied by either a Contractor-owned generator or by the local power company. Secondary service runs and the cost of power are the Contractor s responsibility. The Contractor would then be responsible for delivering and removing all necessary equipment and supplies daily. DISPOSAL AND RETENTION The Contractor shall be responsible for cleaning cemetery structures, headstones/flat makers, monuments, and roadways that are soiled or stained as a result of Contractor s performance. The Contractor shall wash-down with water all soiled or stained structures headstones/flat markers, and monuments at the end of each workday Any such washing/cleaning shall be brought to the immediate attention of the COR prior to washing/cleaning. At the end of each workday the Contractor shall properly remove and dispose all debris from the Cemetery site resulting from the work. The Contractor shall always ensure that rubbish and trash generated by the Contractor is kept clear of vehicular and pedestrian traffic throughout the site. The Government will not provide receptacle(s) for disposal of debris related to this contract. The Contractor shall provide its own means of removing debris. The Contractor shall dispose of all debris and other waste materials at a licensed off-site landfill unless otherwise directed by the COR. The Contractor shall haul away and dispose of all hazardous waste in accordance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and all other applicable Federal, State, and Local law and regulations. On-installation storage or disposal of hazardous waste is NOT allowed. At the completion of the project the Contractors shall be responsible for properly removing and disposing of all debris from Government property. All debris and packaging shall be properly removed and disposed of by the Contractor to an approved offsite disposal site or recycling center in compliance with State and Local ordinances. PROTECTION OF EXISTING VEGETATION, STRUCTURES, EQUIPMENT, UTILITIES, AND IMPROVEMENTS Restore any areas disturbed in performance of this contract which may require restoration (as deemed appropriate by the COR); and will be deemed incidental to the contract. Areas outside of the construction limits impacted by operations of the contract shall be returned to the state it was found prior to the construction services. All adjacent disturbed surfaces shall be repaired to the same quality standards of the existing work and shall also match the adjacent areas. Damage to Government property: The Contractor (including Contractor s employees, subcontractors, consultants or the like) shall be responsible for repair or replacement of any Contractor damaged cemetery structure, to include: turf, curb, road pavement, headstones or markers, valve boxes, grid monument control markers, trees, plant beds, etc., which are chipped, marred, damaged and/or ruined at the fault of the Contractor. The Contractor shall bear all costs associated with replacement and reinstallation. All adjacent disturbed surfaces shall be repaired to the same quality standards of the existing work and shall also match the adjacent areas. Any such damage shall be brought to the immediate attention of the COR prior to repair, replacement, or installation. The Contractor shall preserve and protect all structures, equipment, and vegetation (such as trees, shrubs, and grass) on or adjacent to the work site that are not to be removed and which do not unreasonably interfere with the work required under this contract. The Contractor shall only remove trees when specifically authorized to do so by the COR and shall avoid damaging vegetation that will remain in place. If any limbs or branches of trees are broken during contract performance, or by the careless operation of equipment, or by workmen, the Contractor shall trim those limbs or branches with a clean cut and remove and properly dispose of from the site as defined herein. The Contractor shall protect from damage all existing improvements and utilities at or near the work site and on adjacent property of a third party, the locations of which are made known to or should be known by the Contractor. The Contractor shall immediately notify the COR of any such occurrence and repair any damage to those facilities, including those that are the property of a third party, resulting from failure to comply with the requirements of this contract or failure to exercise reasonable care in performing the work. If the Contractor fails or refuses to repair the damage promptly, the Contracting Officer may have the necessary work performed and charge the cost to the Contractor. Protection of Existing Utilities: Contractor shall be responsible for damages to utilities, above and below ground. RESTORATION Contractor shall remove, cut, alter, replace, patch and repair existing work as necessary. Except as otherwise shown or specified, do not disturb any water, steam, gas, or electric services without prior approval of the COR or Contracting Officer. Existing work to be altered or extended and that is found to be defective in any way, shall be reported to the COR before it is disturbed. Materials and workmanship used in restoring work shall conform in type and quality to that of original construction, except as otherwise shown or specified. Upon completion of the contract work any existing cemetery features (lawns, paving, roads, and walks) disturbed or removed as a result of performing required new work, shall be patched, repaired, reinstalled, or replaced with new work, and refinished and left in as good condition as existed before commencing work. All restoration work shall be accomplished without undue delay. At Contractor's own expense, Contractor shall immediately restore to service and repair any damage caused by Contractor's workmen/subcontractors to existing cemetery infrastructure. USE OF ROADWAYS The Contractor will be responsible for traffic control and shall obtain, erect, maintain and remove all signs, barricades, flagmen and other traffic control devices as may be necessary for the purpose of regulating, warning or guiding traffic. All traffic control protection will be considered incidental to the cost of the contract. The Contractor shall, under regulations prescribed by the Contracting Officer or COR, use only established roadways, or use temporary roadways constructed by the Contractor when and as authorized by the COR or Contracting Officer. The route of construction traffic to and from the project site shall be clear of debris at all times as well as the required safety signage and barricades for the safe passage of visitors. When materials are transported in prosecuting the work, vehicles shall not be loaded beyond the loading capacity recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle or prescribed by any Federal, State, or local law or regulation. When it is necessary to cross curbs or sidewalks, or similar construction the Contractor shall protect them from damage by well-constructed bridges. The Contractor shall repair or pay for the repair of any damaged curbs, sidewalks, or roads. AVAILABILITY AND USE OF UTILITY SERVICES Water: A water system is not available. The Contractor shall provide and utilize portable water when needed. Electricity: In case the Contractor requires electricity while in performance of this Contract, the Contractor shall provide and utilize portable generators as necessary to complete the work. WORK PERFORMED ON SITE BY OTHERS The Government may undertake or award other contracts for additional work at or near the site of work for this contract. The Contractor shall fully cooperate with any other contractors and with Government employees and shall carefully adapt scheduling and performance of work, and needing any direction, it shall be provided by the COR. The Contractor Supervisor shall be responsible for reporting to the COR any problems or questions that may arise with any other personnel on site during the period of performance of this contract. The Contractor Supervisor shall not take it upon him or herself to resolve any problems or issues with other on-site Contractors or employees, but rather will leave it to the COR to resolve the issue. REPORTING AND RECORD KEEPING Contractor s Superintendent shall report on a daily basis to the COR at the Cemetery and log in. This DAILY check-in is mandatory and shall be at a time agreed upon by the COR and the Contractor s Superintendent within the requirements of paragraph b below. A list of scheduled ceremonies will be provided to the Contractor s Superintendent the week prior to the scheduled events, and a list of scheduled committal services will be provided daily. Contractor s Superintendent shall be solely responsible for ensuring that no contract work causes any committal service, ceremony, procession or visitation to be delayed, altered, or otherwise impacted in such a way that the dignity or security of the event is compromised. The Contractor shall be solely responsible for staying abreast of all such upcoming events and when in doubt, Contractor must ask the COR. CONTRACTOR-FURNISHED ITEMS Contractor shall be responsible for supplying all equipment, personnel, tools, supplies and materials necessary to perform the services required by this contract. Contractor-furnished items necessary to perform work as required under this contract shall be furnished, maintained and operated by the contractor and shall be consistent and fully compliant with all applicable OSHA, Federal, State, County, City laws, ordinances and regulations. Contractor shall be responsible for the supply, maintenance and repair of all Contractor-owned equipment. This includes minor maintenance/repair and minor operating parts for equipment such as lubrication, oil changes, spark plugs, gaskets, cotter pins/keys, electric extension cords, etc., to keep all equipment in good operational condition throughout the period of performance of this contract. No Contractor equipment maintenance repairs of any kind can be done on Cemetery property without the COR(s) approval. Contractor shall be responsible for ensuring that all his/her motor vehicles and equipment meet State inspection, safety, licensing, registration, and insurance requirements. Only Contractor equipment and supplies (property) required to perform work under this contract shall be used on cemetery property. No personal property, equipment, or vehicles shall be staged on the cemetery premises. GOVERNMENT S RESPONSIBILITIES Upon award of the contract, the Government will inform the Contractor prior to commencing the work, of any known damages to the cemetery grounds, headstones/markers or any other areas that the Contractor is unaware of and not responsible for. In addition, upon award of the contract, a walk-through of the cemetery grounds will be scheduled by mutual agreement of the Government and Contractor, and will be attended by the COR, appropriate contractor personnel (to include the Supervisor/Project Manager). The Contracting Officer is an optional attendee. The Government will not provide the Contractor with any equipment and materials storage, furnishings, fuel storage, equipment, materials, restrooms, or telephones. Utilities will be provided as defined in AVAILABILITY AND USE OF UTILITY SERVICES . Notification of Non-Compliance: The COR will notify the Contractor of any detected non-compliance with the foregoing requirements. The Contractor shall take immediate corrective action after receipt of such notice. Such notice, when delivered to the Contractor at the work site, shall be deemed sufficient for the purpose of notification. If the Contractor fails o...
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